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Bell Schedule 2018-2019


Monday-Wednesday Schedule, 7:30-2:08pm

Period Minutes Time
Period 1 (includes Announcements & Organization Check) 41 7:30-8:11am
Passing Period 4 8:11-8:15am
Period 2 41 8:15-8:56am
Nutrition Break 7 8:56-9:03am
Passing Period 4 9:03-9:07am
Period 3 41 9:07-9:48am
Passing Period 4 9:48-9:52am
Period 4 41 9:52-10:33am
Passing Period 4 10:33-10:37am
Period 5 41 10:37-11:18am
Lunch Break 35 11:18-11:53am
Passing Period 4 11:53-11:57pm
Period 6 41 11:57-12:38pm
Passing Period 4 12:38-12:42pm
Period 7 41 12:42-1:23pm
Passing Period 4 1:23-1:27pm
Period 8 41 1:27-2:08pm





Thursday-Friday Schedule, 7:30-1:32pm


Thursday Friday Minutes Time
Period 1 Period 2 77 7:30-8:47am
Nutrition Break Nutrition Break 10 8:47-8:54am
Passing Period Passing Period 4 8:54-8:58am
Period 3 Period 4 77 8:58-10:15am
Passing Period Passing Period 4 10:15-10:19am
Period 5 Period 6 77 10:19-11:36am
Lunch Lunch 40 11:36-12:11pm
Passing Period Passing Period 4 12:11-12:15pm
Period 7 Period 8 77