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Lincoln Middle School

Mission/Vision StatementLincoln Middle School is committed to empowering caring, innovative decision makers who shape tomorrow starting today!


Potential tK-12 Mission/Vision StatementProviding a rigorous and engaging school experience where students, staff, families and the community are connected and committed to empowering caring innovative decision makers who shape tomorrow starting today.


Oceanside Unified School District

Mission: We design and orchestrate rigorous and relevant learning experiences to inspire and empower all students.


Vision: All students graduate college and career ready, prepared to be responsible global citizens and ambitious future leaders.


Instructional Focus: All students will demonstrate their thinking, both verbally and in writing, to show understanding of their learning.



Students First: Our students are our highest priority. What's best for students guides our decision-making every day.


Respectful Relationships: Strong, respectful relationships are the cornerstone of quality educational experiences. Students and adults are valued and consistently show integrity, compassion, and respect.


Educational Equity: Every student receives the academic, social, and emotional support needed to succeed. Resources are allocated to eradicate persistent achievement and opportunity gaps.


Purposeful Collaboration: We create purposeful and collaborative learning environments that inspire students and adults to achieve their highest potential.