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At Lincoln, we believe in celebrating the WHOLE student!


We celebrate the skills that help students grow and continue to be successful global citizens. 


Lincoln staff designed TANDEM to continue to promote the OUSD Core Values.

Students First: Our students are our highest priority. What's best for students guides our decision-making every day.

Respectful Relationships: Strong, respectful relationships are the cornerstone of quality educational experiences. Students and adults are valued and consistently show integrity, compassion, and respect.


T – Timeliness: 2 or more tardies periods 3-8.

A – Attendance: 2 or more unexcused (unverified)  


  • Doctor’s note is excused

  • Absences must be cleared within 3 days

N - Citizenship: N or U in Citizenship

  • based on classroom behavior not grades

D -  Discipline: 1+Referrals

E - Effort: 2 or more N’s or U’s under work habits

  • more than 3 PE loaners

  • refusal to use PE loaners/not dressing out

  • poor work habits in any class

M - Management:

  • 3 or more days with missing supplies (Displayed on Progress Report as a N or U in Effort)


Students who maintain the core values of OUSD will be able to participate in TANDEM. If a student is unable to participate in TANDEM the student will follow their normal class schedule in lieu of TANDEM activity.