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Deann Bloomer

Deann Bloomer

My name is Deann Bloomer, I have been a teacher here at Lincoln Middle School for the past 20 years.  I am proud to call Oceanside my home and currently have two boys attending school in our community.  I received my bachelor's degree and teaching credential from California State University of San Marcos. I chose teaching middle school because this was the age in my  life I felt positive.

Guidance was crucial to the pressures of society around me.  Receiving my teaching credential with a middle school emphasis has allowed me to  “pay it forward” to the students of today.  While at Lincoln I have been involved in coaching both volleyball and soccer, and am currently the acting science department chair, AVID coordinator and on the NGSS Leadership team.  I absolutely love this middle school, even on a bad day this community keeps me striving to be a better teacher and mentor! I am a life time learner, even with  my 20 years of experience, I am still learning new things daily from teaching kids. I hope to teach my students how to take each day's events to help build  brilliant future for themselves and our community.  Together I believe we will learn from one another and “shape tomorrow, starting today”.

brenda dolan

My life as a military daughter came to an abrupt halt, when at the age of seven, my father, a Captain and pilot in the Marines, tragically died in a plane Brenda Dolanaccident.  My mom sister and I were living in Tustin, California, at the time.  I attended, and graduated from Tustin High school.  After high school, I attended Orange Coast College where I received an AA in Home Economics.  I moved to San Diego County with my first husband, built a close-knit family of two girls and a boy, and worked part time.  I frequently helped in my own kid’s classrooms, discovered the enjoyment of working with children, and felt like teaching would be a good career match for me.  I received my BA and earned my teaching credential at CSUSM.  My first year teaching was here, at Lincoln.  I left for five years to work at CBA, returned home to Lincoln, and have been here ever since.  For the last eleven years, along with my duties as an English, history, humanities teacher, I have taken on the responsibilities of ASB Advisor.  In this aspect of my profession, I have the opportunity to interact with students of all grade levels and interests, which I truly love.


If you were to ask me 20 years ago: where will you be in 20 years?  I would tell you right here, teaching.Kelly Humphrey
I’ve known I wanted to be a teacher my entire life.  I was the kid who lined up her dolls, stuffed animals, Barbie’s, etc. on the floor and “took attendance”, “lunch count,” and had daily lessons. I know that I’m here for a reason and I am my student’s biggest fan!  I believe that my kids will change the world someday.  I teach them to love one another, the community, and most importantly themselves!  “If you can be anything in the world, be kind” is my motto.  They know that in my room every mistake is just a lesson and we get stronger as a team.  When I’m not in my classroom, you can find me either traveling somewhere new, the beach, or with my family. Lincoln is a great place and I’m so blessed to be a part of it!