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Digital Media/Computer Science

Eli Alvarado

Mr. Alvarado is the father of two sophomores- one in high school and one in college, enjoys the opera and ballet, running the hill at Torrey Pines, and teaching Computer Science at Lincoln and Oceanside High School. He graduated from Las Palmas Elementary School and Greenfield Junior High, amongst others. He likes pizza.Eli Alvarado



LMS Digital Media is a year-long course designed to educate students on the new and emerging digital world as well as to provide hands on experience with photo, video and animation software and hardware. Students will learn and conceptualize the process to story delivery in a digital format which includes photography/video production and editing, graphic design, audio production, animation, and scriptwriting. LMS Digital Media integrates new technology with time honored communication skills. Students will create a digital portfolio of their work throughout the year. Regular presentation and discussion of work to peers is required. Commitment to events outside of class is often required. This class is open to select students and must meet minimum requirements for acceptance.