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Student of the Month


Student of the MONTH (1 nomination per TEACHER)

  • CRITERIA: Each teacher selects 1 student to recognize for the month based on Choose Love, 8 Keys or Panther PRIDE theme
  • REWARD: Students receive  printed certificate and lunch treat certificate.  First name and initial displayed on website (here) and marquee (on campus).
  • PROCEDURE: Teacher submits name and invites parent to Virtual Coffee with the Principal that month for virtual recognition.

Traditional School Year

You can earn a Student of the Month Award once per year! You are nominated by one of your teachers and then we celebrate you by giving you a FREE Sub Sandwich party!  How can you become Student of the Month?

Show excellence every day!

Be kind to all students on Campus!

Speak respectfully to your teachers!

Always do your homework!

Help another student that is struggling in Class

Be the BEST you!